Payment Options

     I am devoted towards making my legal services accessible.  I take Cash, Check and Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) Payments.  If you have a special situation please call and talk to me as I maybe able to work out some sort of payment plan for you.  For some services (such as the Do-It-Yourself Step Parent Adoption Kits) there may be a delay while checks clear. 

     If you would like to pay an Invoice you have received by Credit Card, please download the Credit Card Authorization Form, fill it in and mail or fax it back to me.  I am sorry, but by Credit Card Company rules I cannot accept the information over email or by the telephone. 

  There are two choices in getting this form.  The first, and preferred, is what I will often email to people.  This is an Adobe .pdf file.  You should be able to open this file by clicking on the link below or, if I emailed it to you, by telling it to open the attachment.  If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, you can get it FREE by clicking on the graphic link below.

Choice #1:     Credit Card Authorization Form in Adobe Format            

     The second, and a fall back for someone that the first just won't work for is a lesser formatted html file.  It won't look as nice.  If all else fails:

Choice #2:     Credit Card Authorization in html Format

Reminder - Even Though It Is On The Form I Don't Take Discover Anymore

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