To Our Friends We Are Leaving Behind

To WWJD, Fairlawn, Crusade, Karen, Ken and Lori, Ted and Gay, Jim Shaw, and our many other friends and family we are leaving here in Ohio we would like to say that we will miss you. Many of you have asked why we would have left Oregon for Ohio in the first place. Well, that was a very good question that is still very difficult to answer except to say that it was God's plan. Nevertheless, you have all made the last 8 years here in Ohio a delight.

We moved to Ohio in 1991, started a new marriage, new jobs, law school and...well, a new life. We were greeted warmly by family and friends and Fairlawn Grace Brethern who made moving into our new apartment a breeze and then later on moving to our house on Copley Meadows even easier.

To Paul and Nancy, Pete and Jodi, Kim and Jamie, Finner and Dave, Grandma and Bobby, thank you for taking Frances in as a loved member of the family. Family has always been important to us and coming here would not have even been possible had it not been for the fact that we had some family to be with. Through dinners, brunches and many phone calls you have all made your love known. You will not be forgotten as we now go back to more family.

What a delight it was in our first year here to get to meet Karen and Sharon. Karen, trips to Corry and then having you guys make trips to Akron were a treat. I am sorry for the loss of your mother but glad that you had some family to come to. Having you as friend and family in our home was something I am glad we were here for. Karen, the day you came to know Christ as your personal Savior I said to God "If this is the sole reason you brought us to Akron it was worth it." Since then you have grown, matured and turned into a most beautiful woman that we are oh so proud of.

To our friends and family at Akron Youthquake. Oh how much you have taught us and how thankful we are for having a place to serve. Volunteering, learning and serving have all been a big part of our growth. Thank you for letting us share your vision with you and I hope you will keep us informed and a part of that vision. We will always be Caring for Kids because Christ Cares.

Denny, from first meeting you at church to moving day into our house until today, you have been one of our closest friends. I am quasi electrical savy and know the difference between Romex and Rome thanks to you. You have even put yourself at risk of life and limb by trading vehicles with us and driving that "foreign thing" to a Union worksite so that we could use your bigger truck. I love you like a brother.

Ken and Lori, we met you guys a couple of years after coming to Ohio. You made Ham radio and dinners out a regular part of our lives. I know that my daily conversations with Ken have been a reprieve from life sometime and I am thankful for them. Ken, changing jobs with you was the best thing that could have happened - for both of us. Watching Rachel (Jenna) grow has been cool. Even though you say you won't allow it, yes Ken, we are leaving.

Ted and Gay, we met you shortly after Ken and Lori and you kept the Ham radio spirit alive in us through Public Service Events, Meetings (Meetings before the Meetings, Meetings after the Meetings...), Saturday nights, and good talk at all times. Dinners out at weird German places in North Canton were worth looking forward to. Ted and Gay, the NE Ohio Amateur Community owes you a lot, and so do we.

Jim Shaw, you have taken us all over the world. Sometimes with you on the bikes, sometimes with you in your stories. I have gotten to know how to ride better, smarter and how to have more fun for having met you. You are the "old man" who just refuses to grow up - keep it that way. Thanks to you our world of friends has expanded to include "your Medina friends" too, thank you. We look forward to that day that you and your Energizer Bunny k100lt show up on our front door step in Oregon. To all our many East Coast BMW riding friends (that are too many to mention), we will miss you but I am sure our paths will cross as the miles roll by. Yes, BMW riders do make good friends.

In the summer of 1998 God (in his infinite wisdom) took away our Church home at Fairlawn and gave us a new one at Crusade. Though we left the building we did not leave any friends behind and took the opportunity to gain even more. It was really neat to be able to see all of our friends and family through Bible Studies and other outings. Thanks to Tim and Darlene, Rick and Karen, and to Jen we are still a part of the family and thanks to Max and Max, we are a wonderful part of the new family at Crusade.

Jen, you only came into our lives in the last couple of years and what a blessing you, your music and your friendship have been. It has been nice to have a "little" sister to bicker and toy with. You got me to play the clarinet again and you got me to be able to share a new intimacy with my wife - that of music. For this, all the dinners, all the phone calls, the many many movies and Scrabble nights, thank you, we will miss you. We do expect to see you shortly in Oregon, however.

Rick, Karen and all of WWJD - I don't even know where to begin. The last 2 years have been a real gift from God. Getting together with you all, Tracy, Mack, Alice..., Elaine how neat to share your coming to Christ, your angels and your daughter throughout the summer; Blake and DeAnna, how faithful you have been and watching you grow has been great, good luck with the paper and even more importantly with the little one (Jr'ette); John and Laura hearing stories of the kids, new business' starting and BBQ's at your place, goodbye Manihar and good luck with your little one; Chris and Sherri your faithful attendance has been a blessing and I am thankful for the many many answered prayers with regard to Jeff, your friendship has been great; Stacy how neat a person you are and how wonderful to have you in the family, your desire to come for New Years Eve will always stick in my memories; Sandy and Don we have known you guys for quite a while but have gotten to know you much better recently at WWJD, how young and heart you are and what a blessing you have been to us in many many ways from personal advice to advice on starting out in my own business; Mark, what an awesome guy you are and how cool it is for you to follow God's leading and then share the blessings with us; Kel and Becky I don't even know what to say, you guys have always been there from repairing cars to keeping me busy in work, thanks Kel; Eric and Karen, we will get lots of chances to say goodbye to you guys, I cannot tell you have thankful I am for your willingness to travel to Oregon with us and how thankful I am for your friendship, you are two really neat people. Finally, Rick and Karen, thank you for opening your hearts, your house, your family and your lives to all of us, God's world and our family has really grown through your work and love - THANK YOU T H I I I I I I S Much!

To our friends and family who do not know Christ as your personal savior and who do not understand the Love that we have in our hearts as expressed above, PLEASE get right with God. Ask us, ask someone but just ask how to get the greatest gift of all, eternal salvation. God is serious when He says the wages of sin is death (eternal death) and that there is only one way to Heaven. If you don't know it, please ask now, for the thought of spending eternity without any one of you makes our hearts ache.

I hated to even start listing names because there are so many that I have not mentioned specifically that have been a huge part of our lives and I know I am not listing all that should be here. I do just want to say to those who are listed here as well as those who are not - thank you again and let us not say goodbye, but see you later.

In Him, Scott and Frances