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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can You Describe Yourself and Your Practice?

A: This is easy. I am not the stereotypical attorney. I am fairly casual and you will rarely see me in a suit and tie unless we are in court. I do not believe that Law has to be held way above the average person or that I am better than someone else because I understand it and they don't. I strive very hard to bring Law, or at least an explanation of it, to a level where you as my client can understand it. If you are in need of a 16th story office view of downtown I won't provide that to you but will refer you to someone who can. I do find that 95% of the people I talk to want good hard work and ethics as opposed to solely an image. My billing practices (see below) also reflect this.

Q: Where Is Your Office?

A: In keeping with my casual nature, I have a fully furnished complete office attached to my home in Banks. I do most of my work there. As my client you are welcome in my home. In the event that you cannot get to me I will often come to you anywhere in the state.  This is a big relief to many of my Birthparents and other Clients who might have transportation issues or who don't get out as easy.  And with technology advancing so much there are many of my clients that I never ever get to see and we do everything over the phone, email, etc.

Q: How Much Do You Charge For... or What Are Your Billing Practices?

A: This is the big question everyone wants to know and there is no one answer as every case is unique. My basic hourly rate is $245.00/hour.  This amount varies significantly (up and down) depending on the type of case, whether litigation is involved, etc.  It is also significantly less than what my experience and expertise should normally bill for.  I bill only for hours worked. I do not bill while I am "thinking about your case" nor do I bill a minimum time frame (say 1/4 hour) for quick phone calls. I generally do not bill at all for quick phone calls until they become excessive and then I will bill a ".1 hour". I find that by not having huge minimum billed time frames, I generally do about 1 1/2 to 2 times the amount of work for the same amount of time billed as would be generally accepted in the Legal Field. My control over expenses, lack of overhead, and causal environment allow this to continue to be possible. For my Clients who need a large amount of work done I offer very reasonable retainer agreements.

Q: Do You Work Over Email and If So, What Form of Documents Can We Exchange?

A: First of all, please see my page on Privacy And The Internet. After reading that, if you are comfortable sending documents to me, I can read just about any type of document. I use Microsoft Word (TM), WordPerfect (TM), and Adobe .pdf files.

When I send files, I will try to send them to you in the form you require. Documents that I produce for your viewing will most likely be in the Adobe .pdf format. Adobe .pdf files are the recognized way to transfer files across multiple platforms and still retain the formatting contained within the original document. The reader for Adobe .pdf files is available free by clicking the Adobe link below.


Get Adobe Acrobat Reader (FREE!)


Q: Completely Unrelated To Law, What Are Your Hobbies?

A: I wanted to answer this question here because it does give you a better idea of who I am. My biggest "hobby" and my other "career" love outside of law is that I am a Firefighter (FF1) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-Intermediate).  I volunteer my time for local Fire and Rescue Departments. Please see my Fire/EMS page. In addition I am an Amateur Radio Operator (HAM), I ride motorcycles (both street and dirt bikes), am very active at Church, and love spending time on my tractor "working the land" at our country home. I share ALL of my hobbies with my family.

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