Adoption Stories

    The Following Story comes from one of the Oregon Adoption Agencies that I work with.  It is reprinted here with permission.  To me it very clearly illustrates how the "right" aparents get matched with the "right" bparents and children: 

October Miracle
by a Birthparent Counselor

     It’s one of those cases that brings tears to our eyes and wonder to our hearts.

I met Elizabeth in early October.  She was 8 months pregnant and had gone to a different agency, asking for help in finding a family to adopt her baby.  Because Elizabeth had specific things she was looking for in an adoptive family, the other agency did not feel confident they could meet her needs and referred her to our Agency.  This struck me as unusual.

            Because of Elizabeth’s specific requests, I searched for adoptive families all across the nation.  In the end, Elizabeth selected a family that lived just a few miles away.  The adoptive parents, Mark and Laura, were listed with a different agency.  But they had worked with our Agency in the past and had sent us a profile book, in case we might have a specific need for a family like them.  This also was unusual.  Mark & Laura’s book had been on my shelf for several months, even though they were the type of couple that I expected would have been chosen very quickly. 

            Elizabeth first met Laura and Mark in her hospital room, shortly after the baby was born.  Mark later shared with us that he had already met Elizabeth two or three years earlier, when she was working in a fast food restaurant.  She was a very sweet girl, and Mark took notice of her name because he felt God had put it on his heart to pray for Elizabeth.  He had been praying for her for more than two years before Elizabeth and his profile book both found their way to our Agency.

            Laura was also astonished when we provided her with papers the birthparents had completed, giving information about themselves to Mark & Laura and indicating what kind of contact they would like to have with the adoptive family.  Laura saw that the birthparents had named the baby Natalie.  In many cases, birthparents choose their own name for the baby which is different from what she will be called by the adoptive family.  In this case, Laura and Mark had already decided that God wished them to call the baby Natalie.

            Elizabeth has a disability which prevents her from being a parent.  But because of Mark and Laura’s love and respect for her, Elizabeth will always be an honored and cherished birthmother in her child’s life. 

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