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     I say that adoption is "in my blood" because I am adopted as are my 4 girls.  Now I work with:

**  Birth Parents
 ** Adopting Parents  (Coming Soon)
** I have recently seen SO much incorrect and negative information out there that I have been inspired to get these pages updated.  The drafts are in the works and the final copies should be up soon. In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to email me at the links below.
Step Parent Adoptions  
International Adoptions - Including DO-IT-YOURSELF Kits!

Adult Adoptions, and
Just About Anything Relating to Adoptions

     If your adoption touches Oregon or Washington in any way I can be of assistance to you.  I am a frequent lecturer, consultant and advisor on Adoptions.   I speak with/to Birthparents, Adoptiveparents, Agencies and other attorneys.  I am on the Adoption Subcommittee of the Oregon State Bar Family Law Section.  In this Committee we work with the State, Adoption Agencies, the Bar Association, the State Legislature and other groups with matters relating to Adoption including but not limited to the writing and review of new or changing Adoption Laws.

     It is very important that you work with someone who is knowledgeable in adoptions.  Not only will this make your lives more secure but it will save you money in the long run.  I find that just about every law office that does "family law" work will say that they do adoptions but then will charge you to learn how to do them or to get up to date on the current state of the law.  Working with someone who works with adoptions daily will be a big benefit to you.  If you are another attorney, I am happy to consult with you on adoption related matters.  If it turns out that it is better for your client to work directly with me you can rest assured that I will always encourage them to continue their other business with you.

     Because I enjoy this so much, I am working hard at putting together this part of my web site and it is not even close to finished yet.  I wanted to put this much up so that you knew it was here but please call me for more information on anything relating to Adoptions.

Gestational Carriers and Surrogacy

     Gestational Carriers and Surrogacy matters are closely related and involve a "Carrier" or "Surrogate" providing the contractual service of having someone else's child grow inside them.  A Carrier is not biologically related to the child.  A Surrogate provides her own egg and is related to the child.  After a successful implant and birth, the child is generally adopted by the "Intended Parents" who usually are biologically related to the child.  I work with Intended Parents and Carriers with the contract and with the subsequent adoption.  

Family Law

     I do what I call "constructive and not destructive" Family Law.  What that means is that I work on things that help put a family together.  I help parents legally deal with the problems encountered when raising children, assist with guardianships, and (most important to me), I assist with Adoptions. 

     What I do not do is divorces, separations and most child custody/support matters except as they relate to adoptions.  Should you be in need of these types of services I can make some excellent referrals in these areas for you.

Adoption Stories

     Some great stories passed on to me by those involved in adoption.  Each will open in a new window that you can close when finished.

"October a Birthparent Counselor"

"Dear Adoptive Parents...A Birthmother's Christmas Thank You Letter"

"Legacy of An Adopted Child...A Poem"

"A Bson Writes...Dear Bmom"

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